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Academic Affairs Office (AAO) is one of the main functional departments which is responsible for undergraduate education and consists of 29 staffs and 7 offices, including Academic Affairs Administration Department, Research Department, Practical Training Department, Administration Office and three centers, Registration Center, Center for Development and Centre for General and Basic Education.

The main responsibilities of AAO are as follows:

1. Research and institute the reforms of undergraduate teaching and the development blueprint of teaching constructions;

2. Give options on setting and adjustment of undergraduate specialties, organize the declaration of new specialty, construct new specialty;

3. Constitute annual recruiting students plan and assign training plan;

4. Organize schools (departments) to constitute and implement the undergraduate training scheme, training plan and teaching syllabus; be responsible for the construction of curriculums and teaching materials;

5. Research into and innovate teaching methods; organize the declaration and the assessment of teaching awards;

6. Be responsible for the arrangement of curriculums and the scheduling of classrooms;

7. Be responsible for the management of student status of all undergraduate students in the university;

8. Be responsible for the supervision and evaluation on whole undergraduate teaching;

9. Be responsible for training the teaching business, authorize the qualification of teaching and grading the teaching quality; provide the services about teaching information;

10. Be responsible for programming and constructing labs and bases of practice in teaching;

11. Be responsible for practice in teaching; be responsible for the management of experiment teaching, teaching with computer and graduation design(paper);

12. Constitute budget for annual teaching fund and distribution plan; supervise and audit the use of the fund;

13. Calculate and issue teaching rewards;

14. Be responsible for a good academic atmosphere and the organization of technology competition; be responsible for cultivating students and selecting excellence students;

15. Be responsible for constructing teacher teams and lab technicians.

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